Welcome to Pierce Ridge Golden Retrievers. We have always had dogs. In the last few years we have bought two great purebred golden retrievers with the thought of breeding them.

Many breeders build a cage or doghouse, and pretty much just leave the puppies there. They often only go out to check on and feed the puppies two or three times a day. Our puppies are enjoying a very different experience. Our puppies are held almost half the time! Holding them above our heads at arms length, clipping their nails, giving them baths, and just cuddling most of the time will make them good with the vet, very sweet, and unafraid (especially  of young children). 

We saw this introduction to dogs on the Monks of New Skete’s website New Skete, and thought it to be very fitting to our thoughts (they raise German Shepherds, we raise Golden Retrievers):

For many of us, love for creation deepens through the relationships we form with our pets,particularly our dogs. By their very nature and need, dogs draw us out of ourselves: they root us in nature, making us more conscious of the mystery of God inherent in all things. We cannot but delight in recognizing God’s mystery in the length and breadth of our daily life. 

Golden Retrievers are great family dogs. They love to be with children and adults.  Golden Retrievers have many uses some of which are: family dogs, police dogs, seeing eye dogs, search and rescue, hunting, and, of course, retrieving.

The temperament of these dogs is sweet, they love to obey their masters, they are quick-witted, gentle, trusting, docile, and very friendly. Because of there friendly nature they do not make very good guard dogs but they will bark at a stranger giving you warning and them a caution. 

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